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Meeting 8 May 2013

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Clustering PLC

Meeting 8Evaluating the Cluster Grouping Model (Part II) in American Studies

Monday, May 20, 2013, 2:15-3:35

SSHS’s Vision: Utilizing the best teaching practices, we will ensure that our students have the essential academic, ethical and workplace skills and knowledge to be successful in an ever-changing world.


Goals for PLC

  • Identify, utilize and share pre- and post- assessment tools in order to gauge what students know and can do.

  • Provide targeted, differentiation strategies to use with our ELL and GT clusters in the American Studies and English 9 classrooms.

  • Use common language to use when discussing and making decisions around clusters, differentiated instruction, and other aspects of our courses.


  1. Themes that emerged during debrief at April meeting

  • Identify specific instructional strategies that you used that supported the needs of students in your class.

    • Grouping

    • Allowing choice especially with reading selections

    • Like-minded students seem to thrive together


  • What evidence do you have that supports increased student achievement/engagement due to CGM?

    • Learning contracts

    • Scaffolded questions

    • Transfer of skills from project to project


  • What would eliminate struggles with the CGM? What can you do to prevent these struggles in the future?

    • Resources to better engage ELL, IEP and struggling students

    • Ways to better utilize the Literacy Coaches and Media Specialist

    • Teach more explicit strategies to students in class

    • Elevate the discussion level for all students


  • What do we need to make the CGM more effective?

    • More time for conversations between classroom teachers and specialists (SPED, GT, ELL, and Academic Literacy teachers)

    • More professional development around modifications and strategies for all content areas


  1. Data-Driven Dialogue Protocol: ELL and GT Cluster Survey Results

  • Time to complete protocol sheet while examining data

  • What can we do to improve our instruction with clustered students in 2013-14?

    • What are three things you can do, instructionally, in response to these surveys?

  • What specific professional development needs have surfaced for you as a result of these surveys?


  1. Parting Thoughts


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