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Meeting 6 February 2013

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CLD Learners Presentation to American Clustering PLC Presentation Plan

February 26, 2012

Focus Question:How can we improve the educational experience for our CLD students? This should, by default, improve the education experience for all of our students!

Introduction/Review (10-15 minutes)

  • Based on my actions, what would my students say I believe?

  • Write for a few minutes.

  • Walk around and share with a few partners.

  • Discuss

    • How do we share our beliefs with our students?

    • Is there anything that we do or say that contradicts with our beliefs?

    • What do the answers to these questions mean in our clustered classrooms?

  • Could we answer this same question for our individual students?

Beneath the Surface (45-50 minutes)

Pre-reading information:

  • Purpose= raises questions about our practices more than it provides answers or solutions.

  • Written from an elementary background.

  • Author has extensive experience with Cambodian refugees in American classrooms.

  • Boxes” or inserts did not copy well. That’s why I outlined some sections.


  1. Skim/scan the introduction, pgs. 1-3.

  2. Then read your assigned Principle(s). [Principles 1-3 individually, 4 & 5 together, 6-8 together] As you read focus on the two following questions:

    1. What, if anything, gets you thinking or reflecting on your own teaching practice or classroom as you read through this section?

    2. How do the ideas presented in your reading relate to our clustered classrooms?

  3. Then get together with the other person that read your same section to discuss the two questions. After discussing, identify the following:

    1. What is a question or discussion point from your section that you would like to bring back to the group for discussion or consideration?

  4. Come back to the group and share/discuss.

  5. Finally, share the conclusion with the group that offers the summary of all of the book’s main points. Also, hand out the “Myth of the ‘Culture of Poverty’” article for anyone that is interested.

Resources/Share (5 minutes)

Beneath the Surface

Building Academic Language

Choice Words



Choose two strategies from the resources and be prepared to share with the group during the next meeting!


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